It is with great pleasure and without reservation that Wahiawā Health recommends Community Link Consulting (CLC).  As an existing client of CLC we’ve depended heavily upon them for FQHC compliance, policy development, grant applications, UDS reporting, and recertifications.  The consultants at CLC are mature professionals who consistently deliver beyond what’s expected of them and offer flexibility and catering to the specific needs of our team and overall organization.  In fact, there is no doubt that Wahiawā Health would not be an FQHC without the high quality services of CLC and they continue to see us through our strategic advancement. CLC is a desired partner and we are confident you’ll find their expertise a genuine asset to the core and mission of your organization.

- Bev Harbin, Executive Director, Wahiawā Health, Wahiawā, HI

White Bird Clinic would recommend Community Link Consulting without hesitation. In the midst of a difficult time for our agency, CLC was there to support us in a variety of ways as we struggled with the sudden loss of our CFO during a critical time. We found their staff to be warm, knowledgeable, and excellent communicators. Not only did they work immediately to help stabilize our situation, they also had boots on the ground within weeks of our initial request for assistance. CLC’s staff worked shoulder to shoulder with us and saved our agency over a million dollars in potentially lost revenue and grant funding. We continue to utilize and rely on their expertise to strengthen our finances and expand our services to assist even more individuals in need, in the communities we serve. Thank you to Becky, Van, and the rest of the Community Link team!

- Benjamin Brubaker, Executive Coordinator, White Bird Clinic, Eugene, OR

We called on Community Link Consulting during a financial catastrophe. Working with our board and staff, CLC devised a financial recovery plan that has allowed us to pay down our debt significantly and start on a path to sustainability. We would simply not be in existence today without the planning, expertise, knowledge and friendship of CLC. 

- Chris Jones, CEO, SEMO Health Network, Benton, MO

With CLC, we continue to maximize our opportunities in the public and private health care marketplace. CLC has helped us successfully receive capital grants, NAPs, SACs, and expansion awards, prepared us for on-site visits, and helped with billing and financial oversight, 340B audit preparation, and Medicaid/Medicare cost report preparation. Their insight on changing policy is critical to our success.

- Rhonda Hauff, COO/Deputy CEO, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, Yakima, WA

Community Link Consulting joined us as we faced the challenge of redefining our clinic and its future in our community. Their excellent Community Needs Assessment allowed us to apply for a HRSA FQHC New Access Point grant. For three months they stood by our side, helping with every step. Since we received our award, CLC continues to provide consulting, policy templates, financial reporting services and assistance with our UDS report.  They are the best!

- Kate Taylor, former Executive Director, Challis Area Health Center, Challis, ID

The expertise in billing and grant writing that Community Link Consulting brought to us has allowed us to safely and prudently expand our services, providing quality health care to more patients. CLC has made us both financially successful and compliant.

- Arnold Cantu, Clinic Administrator, Community Council of Idaho, Idaho Falls, ID

We appreciate our long-term relationship with Community Link Consulting. We rely on their expertise, which has brought us success in our grant portfolio.

- Desiree Sweeney, CEO, NE Washington Health Programs, Chewelah, WA

Community Link Consulting is an integral part of our team. Their financial guidance helped us build and strengthen our organization’s structure, and their team’s help directly impacted our ability to receive FQHC Look-Alike status. We have continued to tap into their knowledge, using CLC for UDS and annual certification submissions.

- Melissa D’Onorio, Executive Director, Legacy Medical Care, Arlington Heights, IL

I view CLC as the go-to organization for any community health center. We have used their expertise for billing projects, grant review and other financial initiatives. Personally, I turn to CLC’s leaders to help me understand complex issues and to think outside the box to solve problems.

- Steven Clark, Executive Director, Valley View Health Center, Chehalis, WA

Community Link Consulting is an amazing resource for community health centers. Their consultants are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and totally accessible. When we have a need, they’re able to hit the ground running and deliver high-quality services quickly. I’d recommend them to any CHC looking for financial or operational consulting.

- Leslie Tallyn, Chief Operations Officer, Central City Concern, Portland, OR

I have used Community Link Consulting on many occasions as expert support for various projects and reporting requirements.  Their knowledge, thoroughness, responsiveness, and willingness to support and assist our CHC with all areas of financial and billing management has given us the added bandwidth we need to complete many last minute projects. I especially appreciate their customer service commitment to excellence and always friendly approach. I whole-heartedly recommend Community Link Consulting.

- Vicki Hammond, CFO, HealthPoint, Renton, WA

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