Site Visit Coming Up? We Will Help You Prepare!

Have a site visit coming up? Let us help you prepare with a simulated site visit. We offer flexible, on-site and off-site, cost-effective, options tailored to your needs. Read our article to better understand what is expected, what's changed for 2018, and how to be prepared for your HRSA site visit.

FY2018 Service Area Competition (SAC) Grant Applications

Need assistance with your FY2018 Service Area Competition (SAC) application? We can help! Check out this article!

FY2017 New Access Point Funding Released

It's here. The dollars for New Access Points (NAP) have been released. 75 grantees will be awarded up to $650k per year for a new access point clinic. Those who demonstrate the greatest need will be awarded. Due: June 17, 2016

Full Application Due (EHB): July 15, 2016

You can read the full release here, download the application, and read the grant guidance. CLC is ready to help you prepare this meticulous and time-consuming project to the best of your abilities. CLC offers grant writing services, budgeting, EHB training/assistance, needs analysis and project management. Contact us today to get started. Don't put it off til the last minute!