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Look Alike


Don’t have a grant? No problem. Abide by the program requirements of 330 program and receive a foot-in-the-door preference for the next round of funding. Also receive better rates of reimbursement on Medicare and Medicaid, participate in the 340 Drug Pricing Program, and access providers via the NHSC. Once designated, you will be asked to complete a renewal application, each year. We can help you assess your compliance with program requirements and through every step of the initial designation and renewal applications.

Needs Assessment


HRSA recommends you conduct a community needs assessment at a minimum of every two to three years. Think of the needs assessment as your pitch for continued funding, therefore its contents and its message are vitally important to informing your organization of those you serve and intend to serve. Let us prepare a needs assessment specific to HRSAs requests and formatting. We can capture your existing sites and services or develop a needs assessment for a potential satellite location or FQHC start up.

Population Survey


Health centers are governed by a patient-majority Board of Directors. An accurate, in-depth analysis of your patient population or potential patient population within your service area, can improve access, outreach, or services development. We can help you develop and conduct in-house and community surveys, to gather reliable data that will aid your organization in meeting and exceeding your patients’ expectations.

Change In Scope


Want to add new service, delete an existing service, add a new site location, or notify HRSA of activities you perform outside your health center? You’ll need to file a Change In Scope (CIS) application in the EHB. We can assist you in evaluating the need for a CIS, as well as filing one in the EHB, and training you in review of relative forms to be certain you’re maintaining compliance.

Policy Development


Aligning policies and procedures with the 10 program requirements of the health center program is no easy task. HRSA project officers consistently request and review your policies for alignment with their specifics. We are well versed in policy development, review, revision, and have developed numerous templates to help aid in this tedious process.