Look Alike

Needs Assessment


HRSA recommends you conduct a community needs assessment at a minimum of every two to three years. Think of the needs assessment as your pitch for continued funding, therefore its contents and its message are vitally important to informing your organization of those you serve and intend to serve. Let us prepare a needs assessment specific to HRSAs requests and formatting. We can capture your existing sites and services or develop a needs assessment for a potential satellite location or FQHC start up.

UDS Report


Every calendar year end, HRSA requires grantees and look-alikes to produce a comprehensive report detailing patient demographics, services rendered, staffing profile, clinical outcomes, and financial performance indicators. Let us help you complete this meticulous reporting requirement.

HRSA Site Visit Preparation


Have a site visit coming up? Be ready to welcome HRSA reviewers to your facilities, interview your staff and review your policies, procedures and records. Be prepared to demonstrate that you are compliant with the 19 federal program requirements of the 330 program. We will run a mock site visit to be certain you are on top of your game.

Policy Development


Aligning policies and procedures with the 10 program requirements of the health center program is no easy task. HRSA project officers consistently request and review your policies for alignment with their specifics. We are well versed in policy development, review, revision, and have developed numerous templates to help aid in this tedious process.

Sliding Fee


Whether you’re a grantee or a look-alike, HRSA requires you to develop and maintain a Sliding Fee Discount Program (SFDP), so that eligible patients at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines may receive discounted services. Your policy and schedules must be well-developed and aligned with PIN 2014-02 to maintain compliance. Let us help you.