Interim CEO


Need an interim CEO until you're able to fill the position with a qualified individual? Let us help. We offer flexible solutions, including on-site and mobile work schedules. We will aide you in developing a solid recruitment and retention plan, providing a wealth of wisdom in FQHC governance, compliance, and business management. 

Strategic Planning


We are able and willing to facilitate on-site and remote strategic planning sessions. In open discussion with your management and governing Board, we can work together to plan realistic and achievable objectives, develop responsibilities, create tracking mechanisms, and see verifiable results in your clinic and the communities you serve. Strategic planning is essential to maintaining motivation and consistent progress in realizing your goals.

FTCA Applications


We offer assistance in completing Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) deeming and redeeming applications. The application process is rather meticulous and must be repeated annually to maintain malpractice coverage. Designation requires a well-developed Quality Improvement plan and active participation on behalf of board members.

340B Program Development


Looking for a better understanding of the 340B drug discount program and how your health center can benefit from participating? As a FQHC grantee, your health center is eligible for best-price options from pharmaceutical companies. We can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of your participation and assist you through the enrollment process.