FY2020 SAC Grant Applications - Now Offering Assistance

In 2018, Community Link Consulting (CLC) secured over $52 million in SAC grant funding for 20 plus health centers across the United States. CLC was able to work with each of these health centers, to identify and remedy potential findings prior to submission of the full application.

Remedying potential findings ensures your health center receives a three-year block of funding as opposed to a one-year block. Following announcement of the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act, HRSA stated, “beginning with FY2019 application reviews, a 1-year project period will be awarded if a SAC applicant is non-compliant with any Health Center Program requirement.” In short, HRSA offers you a two-week window, to correct findings prior to their formal review taking place. This is a tight timeline, especially if you need to revise something like a Sliding Fee Discount Schedule, which requires Board review and approval. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to have someone on your team who is well versed in the HRSA Compliance Manual and On-Site Visit Protocol, who understands the ins and outs of SAC grant applications and their many moving parts.

CLC is here to help you! However, we’re booking up fast so be sure to contact CLC for assistance no later than May 20, 2019.


If your current grant project period ends between 12/31/2019 and 5/31/2020, you will be expected to file a SAC grant application in calendar year 2019. In June of 2019, HRSA will publish the grant guidance aka funding opportunity announcement (FOA) and the schedule of deadlines (Grants.gov and EHB) on their SAC Technical Assistance web page. Note that in conjunction with the FOA release date, HRSA will announce the award ceiling you may apply for and the expected number of patients to be served through the course of the project period. The funding amount and patient target will be published in the Service Area Announcement Table (SAAT). Below is a estimated schedule for FY2020 SAC grant applications, based on last year’s deadlines":


 Keep in mind that you have TWO DEADLINES:

  1. Grants.gov - this application demonstrates your eligibility and intent to apply for SAC grant funding. The application is submitted in the WorkSpace - Grants.gov’s web portal for uploading and submitting your intent to apply. The application is very brief and should be filed immediately following the FOA release date. Note: Do not wait til the Grants.gov deadline to submit this application. It is NOT the formal SAC grant application. Also, check the status of your SAM.gov account, to ensure it is active and up-to-date. If SAM.gov is not up-to-date, Grants.gov will not let you apply and hence you will not be able to work on the formal application in the EHB.

  2. EHB - this is the formal application in its entirety, which is submitted in the Electronic Handbook (EHB) - HRSA’s web portal for uploading and submitting FQHC grant applications.



Grants Management


Since 2001, CLC has been assisting health centers across the United States with SAC grant applications. In 2013, Van Nielsen joined CLC and now serves as CLC’s lead for grant applications. Van has helped countless health centers prepare for, write, upload, and submit strong applications. All findings produced from applications in the FY2019 cycle were identified and remedied, securing three year project periods for all applicants assisted by CLC.

Van, and the grants department at CLC, are well versed in language of HRSA - from the Compliance Manual to the OSV protocol. Van has created tools and templates to improve efficiencies in the SAC grant process, many of which prove useful long after the application is submitted. Van also regularly assists health centers with policy drafting, on-site visit preparation, strategic planning, and board training - all of which are reflected in the narratives put together by CLC.

CLC is capable of assisting clients with ALL application components: narrative, budget, forms, attachments, and clinical performance measures. When you work with CLC, you get access to the full team - not just one consultant. This ensures your application is thoroughly reviewed prior to submission. If you are interested in working with CLC to submit your SAC grant application, please email Van ASAP to schedule a chat.