Service Area Competition - AA, Cheyenne, WY (HRSA-15-147)

March 18th HRSA released announcement for a SAC-AA funding opportunity in Cheyenne, Wyoming (HRSA-15-147). Estimated program funding is $374,924. You can read the announcement here. You can read the guidance here. And you can download the application packet here. The application packet is due May 19th, 2015. The EHB application deliverables are due by June 3rd, 2015. HRSA's service area announcement table suggest patients to be served annually, at minimum, is 508. The service area announcement table also identifies 100% of this funding as Migrant Health Center (MHC) appropriated. Zip codes associated with the service area are as follows: 82401, 82414, 82426, 82435, 82443, and 82501. This zip codes cover portions of Park, Big Horn, Washakie, Hot Springs, and Fremont counties.

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