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Medicaid Cost Report


Need help preparing your Medicaid cost report? We can help you prepare a new application, file a change in scope, and rebase. We’ll gather the appropriate financials, prepare the required forms, and help you file the report with your state, on-time. We are also capable and willing to provide post-submittal support, to answer questions and negotiate the best possible rate with your state.

Medicare Cost Report


Need help preparing your Medicare cost report? We’ll help put the tedious process in order, gather appropriate financials, and prepare the many required forms. Your encrypted cost report file will include all required back-up documents as PDFs and detailed submittal instructions, to be certain delivery is on-time.

Month End Support


We employ many accountants with a wealth of experience in managing month-end tasks. We can help you calculate and post month-end entries, AR allowance and bad debt, depreciation, prepaid expenses, payroll accrual, process financial statements, and more. We will also help you develop accounting tools to analyze trends and produce summary reports for your Board.