Community Link Consulting (CLC) has been serving Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) since 2001; providing quality, professional services that address the complex needs of over seventy clients in twenty plus states. CLC employs knowledgeable, reliable professionals to work with you to strategically develop and implement decisions that maximize the potential of your organization in all capacities, allowing you to deliver full attention to meeting the needs of your community though compassionate and effective care.


CLC works as a part of your team, providing interim CEO and CFO services, management support, leadership training, strategic planning, financial management training, business analysis and development that leverages your resources to their fullest potential.


CLC fully understands the complexities of FQHC reimbursement and revenue cycle management. Consultants can provide direct support in dashboard reporting, monthly financial statement preparation, Medicare/Medicaid cost reporting, bookkeeping services, budget development, and more.



CLC is well versed in HRSA 330 program compliance. Consultants can provide EHB support, FQHC/Look Alike application preparation,  SAC/NAP applications, competitive grant writing, needs assessment development, UDS reporting,  Change in Scope support, HRSA site visit prep, and board education.



Many third-party billing outfits offer comprehensive billing services, however very few offer the expertise of FQHC financial compliance and management. CLC offers full-service, outsourced FQHC billing services managed by industry leading expertise. Click the photo for a list of billing/revenue cycle specific services.


• FQHC/FQHC Look Alike Applications
• Service Area Competition/Budget Period Progress Reports
• Interim CFO/CEO Services
• Management Support
• Monthly Financial Statement Preparation
• Dashboard Reporting
• Medicare & Medicaid Cost Reporting
• FQHC/Residency Development
• Bookkeeping Services
• Needs Assessments
• UDS Reports
• Change In Scope Support
• HRSA Site Visit Preparation
• Budget Development
• Revenue Cycle Management
• Staff/Board Education
• Strategic Planning
• Grant Writing
• 340B Pharmacy Development
• Financial Management Training
• Business Analysis and Development