Interim CFO


Need an interim CFO until you're able to recruit a qualified individual to fill the role? Our consultants work as interim CFOs in more than a dozen health centers at any given time. We can help keep your finances in order, mentor your staff, define needs, strategically plan for the future, and help you recruit the right fit, when you are ready. We offer flexible options, including on-site and remote assistance.

Business Analysis


We’ve helped numerous health centers in disastrous scenarios rebuild revenues and retain confidence of their patients and the communities they serve. Our consultants have a wide background of experience in health center management, financials, business development, and leadership. Need a business plan? Let us help.

Financial Management


Federal compliance, 340B contracting, revenue cycle management, insurance enrollment, Medicaid rate setting, and other complexities make financial management of a health center particularly challenging. Our consultants are working as interim CFOs in more than a dozen health centers at any given time, regularly developing budgets and financial tools to aid management and the board in better understanding the intricacies of financial management. Let us help.