New Access Point NAP Fuding in 2018? Get Ready.

Rumor has it that a New Access Point (NAP) grant is coming around the corner, possible release in Summer of 2018. While it is tough to say for certain when the announcement will be made, it's in your best interest to be prepared. NAP funding opportunities are highly competitive. An applicant that prepares a competitive application, demonstrating high need in an underserved area and tight compliance with HRSA's newly revised program requirements and site visit protocol, will be best positioned for award. 

Are you a new start looking for FQHC designation and base funding? Are you a Look-Alike in need of a base grant? Are you an existing grantee with plans to open a satellite clinic in an underserved area of high need? If you answered yes to any of these, a NAP grant is right for you.

Contact CLC today to build a competitive strategy for award. CLC will conduct an analysis of competitiveness, produce a mock Need for Assistance scoring, and work with your team to discuss pertinent application details and tips for improvement. When it comes time to file the NAP grant application, CLC can assist you in writing the grant narrative, budgeting, completing required forms and attachments, managing the workload, and submitting a quality and timely application.

Any questions? Contact CLC grant writer Van Nielsen for further details.